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Crazy Banana Art

Banana carved to look like a zombie

Bananas are great. Such a versatile fruit. You can even eat them! But where’s the fun in that? Just ask banana sculptor Keisuke Yamada. The 24 year old Japanese electrician has taken the internet by storm with his banana-based wizardry. Check out what this man can do with some bananas, a spoon and a few toothpicks.

Banana Alien

Banana sculpted into an alien

Alien carved out of a banana

Banana Bites Back

Angry face carved into a banana

Banana Undead

Banana carved to look like a zombie

Banana Dragon

Dragon banana sculpture

Clearly some kind of Lord Of The Bananas.

Lord Banana

And a beautifully hand-crafted and potentially deadly .45 caliber flintlock Banana Pistol.

Pistol carved out of a banana

Clearly the banana is a great sculpture material but obviously the banana sculptor must work quickly lest the fruity medium begin to brown and ruin the masterpiece. Keisuke says that he makes each sculpture within 30 minutes and the only tools he uses are bananas, toothpicks, and a spoon. The spoon is used to prime the banana by smoothing its surface and then most of the actual sculpture work is done with toothpicks.

Hand carved out of a banana

Faces carved out of a banana

Davey Jones carved out of a banana

Here’s the man himself enjoying his new-found banana carving fame.

You can also follow him on Twitter here.

via Tofugu

But Keisuke isn’t the only banana sculptor out there. Fitzysnowman from Sandstacker is pretty nifty when it comes to a bit of the old fruit sculpting himself and came up with this beauty.

Banana eyeball sculpture

But carving aliens, eyeballs, dragons and warlord guys with horses is only part of the story. The whole genre of banana art is much more expansive than that!

Melbourne based photographer Jun Gil Park draws images inspired by music on bananas by cutting into the skin just enough to make it brown.

The Beatles carved into a banana

Musicians carved into a banana

Guitar player drawn on a banana

Phil Henson, on the other hand, uses a piercing method more akin to traditional tattooing with a pointillist technique to draw famous images from art history onto the banana.

This is Van Gogh’s Skull With Burning Cigarette rendered on a banana.

Skull tattooed on a banana

The Creation Of Adam by Michelangelo bananified.

Michelangelo drawing on a banana

The work of Degas reproduced on a banana.

Degas on a banana

Botticelli’s The Birth Of Venus gets the banana treatment too.

Botticelli drawing on a banana

via Foodiggity

Phil has also done a book called Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art. From the description:

Tattoo A Banana is a simple and fun guide to creating art with anything at hand – like a piece of toast, your own fingerprints, a stack of marshmallows; showing everyday creativity with a twist of unconventional techniques.

Here’s a video of Phil in action.

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  1. Megan Funchess
    11 December, 2014 at 15:20

    i was just searching or a sculpted buffalo skulls. But this article was what I got and I can’t stop smiling while looking at the photos. They’re all awesome and very well created by a person with a creative mind and unique talent.

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